We released our first black and white graffiti fanzines in the early 90’s and a few years later the first spray paint developed for graffiti was introduced to the market. A lot has happened since then and today there are a wide range of products and brands specialising in graffiti art and street art.

In 2018 we started Unfade with the goal of becoming the best shop for graffiti and street art supplies. Everyone working for Unfade has deep roots in the graffiti culture and lots of experience of the products we are selling. In our assortment you can find products from global brands like Loop, MTN, Grog, Posca and Stylefile markers, but also fanzines from independent publishers and exclusive artworks by artists.

By the way, we still publish fanzines and books – internet is great and Instagram is fun but nothing beats an old classic paper zine. You will find all publications in our “Books and Magazines” section.