Bite It! Magazine 1


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First issue of Bite It! Magazine in mint condition. Bite It! Is one of the most well produced and designed graffiti magazines I’ve seen. From the same guys that made the “Will I Go To Hell For This”-book. Their vision was to make a magazine with good content instead of the latest: “We are realistic and have abandoned hope of being first with the latest photos and leave it to the good old internet.” Instead Bite It! go into depth with quality content and the faith of graffiti for future generations. The magazine contains in addition a number of burner walls and trains from Copenhagen some really interesting articles: Petro’s sketch pages are really good with words of his own. “Feeling Blue” pages on the Danish trains include great images of the old blue Copenhagen trains and an interview with PT Crew. GREAT also has some interesting stories to tell you all.

Format: 40 pages, A4 Portrait, Language: English, Released: 2011.