Blackbook Sessions 5


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160 pages filled with burner sketches and simple black and white sketches from some great graffiti writers. Featured artist are:
Acut, Aemir, Aloe, Amir, Amit, Amuse126, Arome, MR.Baker, Check, Cide, Copsa, Cosma, Crow, Dator, Dejoe, Disko, Doe, Dreist, Drey, Eksit, Erpel, Fact, Flash, Flor76, Fnack, Fred, Hokus, Inka, Jeff, Jeroo, Jones, Kacao77, Kahn, Kies, Loco, Marok, Mind, Monkey, Osbkur87, Paw, Plaque, Plast, Razor, Rek, Rine, Rolex, Roly, Rtmone, Ruste, Satan, Sein12, Semor, Sew, Sewer, Shaw, Slider, S.Kape289, Sofly, Some, Spenda, Sunches, Swet, Town, Tres, Truba, Trun, Twik, Vents137 and Zailor.
Size: 230×160 mm, Pages: 160, Release: 2022.

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