Dirty Handz 3 Search And Destroy DVD


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Probably the most iconic graffiti movie made after Style Wars. The Dirty Handz series really brought something new to the graffiti scene. This is the  third and last episode of the trilogy and was released in 2006, however all the events take place between 1998 and 2002.

Follow one of the members of the legendary SDK crew from Paris on a tour around Europe.  The first stage takes place in London. Thereafter, the journey continues in the city of Copenhagen where you get to meet the VIM/MOAS crew. And next stop is Stockholm where the WUFC crew is acting as hosts. The trip then goes back to Copenhagen and back through Germany (Hamburg, Berlin, Munich). When he finally is back in Paris he decides to go together with the rest of the crew to New York to end the tour by painting the New York subway.

76 minutes train action with personal reflections. Music by DJ Pone.

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