Fat Cap Magazine 15 Letters vs Characters


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Another magazine from the early 2000 that all collectors should have in their bookshelf. Norwegian Fatcap Magazine issue 15 is actually two magazines in one, with two covers and no backside you can choose if you would like to start with the letter graffiti or strictly characters. The magazine covers 120 pages and features a lot of famous names:
AIO All In One: Bates, Goal, Side, Tariq, Circle, Mars, Poker, Kid, Ceng, Cesta, Pay2, Eksem, Mack, Spade, Much, Cevs, Ridder, Cesco, Duck, Jame, Loze, DDU, Sean66, Crazy3, D.Force, Mean, Team, Phlu, Kern, Arkiw, Meter, Canon, Ogen, Imun, Dao, Yearz, Kars, Log, Chew, Wies, Peli, Tyer, Reas, Ces, PerOne, Wise, Jaes, Ovie, Cope2, Jez, Relm, SetUp, Dash, Shoe, Rens, Risky, Tame, Hek, Cap, Virus, Bates, Yes2, Power, Persue, Twist, Amaze, Ruel One, fresh, Guess, Aztek, Cezoe, Ske, Sever, Rime, Doze, 323, Gorey, Spook, Ewok, Ceaze, Code Rock, Sean, Ease, Poe, Persue, Caster, Puppet, Swet, Isoe, Mode2, Sabe, Faze, Jest, Can2, Tasek, Zodiac, Katch22, JayOne, Evol, Bates, Reas, Ease, Slick, Scien, Gnoe, CMP, Ketch, Ziggy, SatOne, Loomit, Duane, Spade, Ruskiq, Hex, Reso, Rezen, Romance, Mear, Smal, Scan, Lase, Coderock, Much, Sean66. Well that’s a long list, get the magazine and check out your favourites.
The magazine was released in 2004 but we found a few copies in great condition 9/10 if not 10/10. Collectors item that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Format: 120 pages, A4 Portrait Language: English Released: 2004