Graffiti Burners


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Graffiti Burners, Books “A burner is a graffiti image that outshines everything else around it. In other words, it’s the best!” New times, new ideas. In all cities around the world, graffiti is being raised to new, higher levels every day – resulting from the will to burner all comers, to be better than others and to achieve breathtaking results.

Graffiti Burners shows how techniques have been refined, letter constructions distorted and color combinations blossomed in recent years. It also gives a glimpse into the creators’ guarded concepts that have been growing to the sky for decades. In addition to the masses of visuals, the writers talk about their works and explain what makes a burner for them. Tips and guidelines for creating your own concepts serve as an aid.

Format: Hardcover 27 x 19.5, Pages: 144, Language: English, Published: 2011, ISBN: 9789185639427.

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