Graffiti Style Coloring Book


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Colour the world’s most prominent graffiti styles on marker friendly paper! Young and old all over the world love the coloring books published by Dokument Press. This new title: Graffiti Style Coloring Book features improved paper and format. Use your markers and paint on both sides of the page without bleeding. The Graffiti Style Coloring Book covers a range of styles from naïve, playful lettering to razor-sharp wild styles. Cover artist is the legendary Copenhagen graffiti writer Cave. All illustrations are original artworks made by experienced graffiti kings worldwide such as: Ader, Boogie, Caster, Chino, Egs, Golden Green, Izeal, Kaput, Mina, Nover, Opium, Pako, Skore79, Vents137 and many more.

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