HAND MIXED Rough Wall Paint Stick Basic 12 Set, 111


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A cardboard box with 12 assorted HAND MIXED Rough Wall markers, perfect as a gift for a friend or yourself. This pack includes the following markers: Atlantis, Carrot Cake, Chernobyl, Earth, Fall, Matrix, Mermaid, Sayan, Sunset, Van Gogh, Wizard and アンドロメダの瞬. If you don’t want to buy the entire pack, we also sell all HAND MIXED markers individually here. Industrial crayon with multicolored lead, handmade in Barcelona.

The HAND MIXED Rough Wall series is perfect for slightly rougher surfaces. The crayon create multicolored lines/tags, and you can see from the picture which colors this crayon specifically has. Permanent paint that withstands weather and wind! If you want to see more from HAND MIXED, you’ll find the entire range here.

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