HAND MIXED Solid Paint Marker Pro ART 6 Set, Essentials


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A box of six selected HAND MIXED Solid Paint Marker Pro industrial markers. A perfect gift for a friend or for yourself. This pack includes the following markers: Atacama, Cold, Gaia, Monochrome, Sunlight and Volcanic. We also sell all HAND MIXED markers individually, you can find them here.

Industrial solid markers have always been popular within graffiti culture as they adhere well to almost any material, are very durable, and can even write on wet and dirty surfaces. In 2017, tags suddenly appeared with lines that changed color, and the trend quickly spread across Europe and the world. It was a group of migrants from South America who had started a mini factory in Barcelona where they manually disassembled the core of industrial solid paint sticks and then assembled them into new multi-colored cores.

HAND MIXED Solid Paint Markers are available in several different color combinations; in the picture, you can see exactly which colors this marker has. Over the years, HAND MIXED has grown and developed many new products. You can find all markers and products from Hand Mixed here.

Tip! Rotate the marker while writing for maximum effect.

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