Incognito Magazine 29


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The 29th edition of Incognito Magazine has finally arrived and it is filled to the top with 116 pages of pure graffiti frenzy! The special features start off by going into the world of the Scandinavian funk maestro Nisk flexing a with a wide range of futuristic wild styles. Next up is the TFZ crew who has been doing a massive comeback for the last while, taking styles to new levels. After that there is an in depth interview with the funky bomber Yaboi keeping the streets on lock with his trademarked peacesign-Y throw-up. The special features ends with a focus on the train writer Opel filled with colorfull, smooth burners on all kinds of rolling steel. Besides that there is also a big update of the latest styles on trains, walls and street stuff from all over the globe in the mixed sections as per usual. The magazine you need to get you graffiti fix covered.
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A4 Portrait, 116 pages, English language, Released: April 2024.

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