Molotow ONE4ALL 127HS 10set Pastel


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Opaque acrylic marker with a 2 mm nib from Molotow. We offer this marker in many different colours, and all of them are UV-resistant on nearly any surface, while also being quick-drying. The Molotow ONE4ALL 127HS markers refillable and the nib can also be changed. Refills and extra nibs for Molotow and other sizes can be purchased right here.
Colors included in set:
1 x 115 vanilla pastel
1 x 009 sahara beige
1 x 117 peach pastel
1 x 207 skin pastel
1 x 020 lago blue pastel
1 x 201 lilac pastel
1 x 202 ceramic light pastel
1 x 209 blue violet pastel
1 x 160 signal white
1 x 180 signal black