MTN MR. Dheo Limited Edition Spray Paint 400ml, Emerald Green


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Mr. Dheo, based in Porto, Portugal was always artistic from early in his childhood. A self-taught artist, his first experience with graffiti occurred when he was 15, and he was immediately hooked. Soon his sketchbooks were drawing studies were filled with countless letter studies. Months later he ventured out to execute his first street piece.  From then on he began putting in work and in turn began connecting with other local graffiti artists. Those artistic bonds with artists he related and looked up to motivated him to carry on and grow his style. Today, after 22 years of continuously putting in work painting all over the world, Mr. Dheo has developed a unique style that combines photo realistic characters and traditional graffiti aesthetics. His unique approach to his work has established him as an innovator and highly sought after artist that has maintained a connection to his graffiti roots.

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