Noll tolerans – Kampen mot graffiti


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After almost 30 years in Sweden, graffiti is still a controversial form of expression. But no matter what you think about it, most people agree that legal security and freedom of expression must be safeguarded in a democracy.

Stockholm remains alone among the Nordic capitals to pursue an aggressive censorship policy towards an entire art form. Zero tolerance affects not only the many youths who are attracted to graffiti and want to paint legally, but in the end also the basis of democratic society.

Zero tolerance – The fight against graffiti is a fiery debate book by Jacob Kimvall, PhD student in art science at Stockholm University. The book is an analysis of the graffiti policy that was carried out in Stockholm between 1995 and 2011. Step by step, Kimvall shows how the black painting of graffiti as a gateway to drug abuse and crime makes it impossible to have a diverse approach. Zero tolerance creates exactly what its representatives say they want to counteract – a precarious society.

135×210 mm, 156 pages, Swedish language, Released: 2012.

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