Take A Walk On The Graff Side


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“Take A Walk On The Graff Side” contains a collection of analog photos by Disk One from the years 1986-2023. Disk One has previously released the books Copenhagen Graffiti 1 and Copenhagen Graffiti 2. In this third book, we not only get to explore Copenhagen but also join him on his travels to New York, Amsterdam, London, Rome, and Berlin.

Burners, throw-ups, tags, panels, and atmospheric images from some classic graffiti spots are freely mixed in the book. The pictures are carefully selected by Disk One from his collection of almost 40 years of photography. Graffiti from pioneers, legends, kings, and ordinary writers like himself.

Format: 280 x 210mm, Soft cover, Pages: 178 pages, Language: English, Release date: May 2024

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