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UP’s winter number 2009 focuses on two very different writers: Black from Copenhagen with his raw and naivist expression, and Recks from Stockholm who for 15 years put color on walls and train cars.
From Stockholm we also have Fher. Few who followed Swedish graffiti in the last 10 years have missed his pieces, tags and throw-ups. One of Stockholm’s most active writers ever. We have also traveled to Canada for a look at a small, active and extremely secret train scene. Read the report on “clean trains” in one of the host’s largest countries.
In a completely different part of North America, New Orleans is home to “The Gray Ghost”. Read the story of a battle that has been going on for over 10 years. On one side: A ghost armed with pistols and gray color. On the other: New Orleans writers.

64 pages, 216×279 mm, English language, released 2009.

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