Uni Posca PC-3M Pen Case 12 set Pastel Colors


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Pencil case with 12 Uni Posca PC-3M markers (0.9-1.3 mm tip). This pack contains the 10 pastel colors plus black and white. Posca paint markers are perfect for both paper and canvas, but also other materials such as stone, glass, plastic, wood, fabric and more. The paint is water-based but permanent when dry, and the colors are opaque so you can paint over dark surfaces as well with the light colors. Very popular among graffiti and street artists who paint canvases, smaller wall decorations, or stickers.

Colors included in set:
1 x 1 x Black, 1 x White, 1 x Sunshine Yellow, 1 x Apricot, 1 x Light Pink, 1 x Coral Pink, 1 x Lilac, 1 x Sky Blue, 1 x Emerald Green, 1 x Aqua Green, 1 x Light Green, 1 x Slate Grey & 1 x Uni Posca Pen Case Blue.

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