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Molotow Sketcher Twin Marker

Molotow Sketchers are revolutionary when it comes to the concept of twin tip markers. The markers are water-based, which means that they do not bleed as much through the paper as alcohol-based alternatives. Molotow has been able to keep all the good qualities such as lightfastness and that the colors blend really well on the paper. Even more revolutionary is the Molotow’s refill system, where you buy a cartridge that you can easily replace instead of trying to drip new ink into the marker. The cartridges are available in 120 different colors and with three different types of tips (bullet, broad and brush). You can choose which colors and nib combinations you want in your marker, which means that there are no less than 60,000 different combination options! The markers and refills are made in Germany, and the plastic used is 95% recycled. We are incredibly impressed with Molotow’s ability to create something completely new that is an even better alternative to the classic twin tip markers from Copic, Promarker and Stylefile. Molotow Sketchers are triangular in shape, giving an ergonomic grip while not rolling around the table. The markers come with a brush and a broad tip as standard.